Future Home Owners

Written By Dan Letzler

In the Market for a New Home?

Market Ready LLC offers Property Assesment Services for people who are still in the process of shopping for property.

We charge a small fee to come out to property you are considering and provide you with an estimate so you are educated on what it will cost to make repairs before you make a offer.
Before you sign a Legal Contract to purchase a home Market Ready LLC believes it is important to know the expenses associated with getting the home into the condition you would like it to be in.

Already under contract?

No Problem!!!

In most cases if you already made an offer on a property your contract gives you an inspection period. This is a time period you have to Inspect the property for any issues.  Market Ready LLC does not provide Inspection services however we can refer you to a company who does. Once you have your home inspection complete and your report back thats where we can help.

Market Ready LLC offers

Once we are provided with the inspection report for a small fee we will go to the under contract property and give a written estimate. Typically within 24 hours. This estimate can be used to renegotiate your contract. You can request repairs to be made by Market Ready LLC prior to closing on your new property!  You also have the option to ask for money to have the repairs made be put into escrow and you will get the proceeds at closing.
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